Simple pricing & revenue sharing tiers


May 21, 2024

It’s well recognized that a current customer retained is worth more than a new customer won. And while loyalty programs can be effective at retention and engagement, building them in-house eats up valuable runway and development time, distracting your team from your core mission. 

As a service provider, the dream is to help your audience flourish in ways that drive the success of your business. Gladous was designed for exactly this purpose, with simple pricing to make it accessible at every stage of your business. 

Our three-tiered approach to pricing

1. Free Plan:

This tier is perfect for startups and small businesses looking to dip their toes into the world of wellbeing recommendations without any upfront costs. With our Free Plan, you get:

  • 10% of revenue generated through our widget to bolster your bottom line.
  • Access to the full wellbeing catalog with more than 400 merchants like Headspace for meditation, Talkspace for therapy, and Hydrow for fitness – to offer an extensive range of choices to your customers.

2. Launch Plan: $99/month

Our most popular tier, the Launch Plan, is designed for growing businesses that want to maximize their revenue through our platform. This plan includes:

  • An increase to 30% of revenue generated.
  • Access to the full wellbeing catalog with more than 400 merchants.
  • Rewards points to incentivize and retain your users.
  • Personalization capabilities to tailor the experience to each user.
  • Advanced analytics to help you understand user behavior and optimize your offerings.

3. Scale Plan: $299/month

For large businesses looking for the most comprehensive plan, our Scale Plan provides an all-encompassing solution with:

  • Increase to 50% of revenue generated through our widget.
  • All the benefits of the Launch Plan.
  • The option to add your own offers, giving you complete control over your marketplace and added engagement to your own services.

Why choose Gladous?

Gladous’s value goes far and above the everyday loyalty program - we provide a commitment to your business's growth and your users' wellbeing. Your audience will feel the love. Our tiered plans are designed to be highly accessible as you scale your company, offering flexibility, control, and most importantly, a shared journey toward financial success.

Ready to elevate your platform with a truly unique wellbeing perks marketplace? Choose your plan and embed our widget by the end of the day. We’d love to be a part of your journey! 

The best way to love your people.