Help your audience thrive. Watch your platform flourish.


June 6, 2024

You want your platform to become a central part of your users’ lives. 

As a platform owner, you are dedicated to providing something insanely valuable to your users, like helping them connect with their community, get fit, manage their finances, or learn something new. But let’s face it, when it comes to reaching your next growth and/or fundraising milestones, your engagement and retention can always be better. 

What you really want is for your platform to become an integral part of your users' lives. You want to build an experience people love and embrace, and you want to make them feel amazing while they’re there. When you can provide this, you know people won’t just engage and stay, but shout your praises from their rooftops. 

So you seek ways to show users your love and bring more value to their lives, but every new feature costs you money and development cycles. Or does it? 

Experimenting with new features comes with a cost, usually.

Increasing the value of your platform often generally requires extensive resources. Your development queue is already spilling over, and focusing solely on your core service might not be enough to drive the best outcomes. The question is how to iterate through new features that promise the biggest bang returns for the least amount of time, money, and effort.

So you need a partner. Enter: Gladous.

What if you could wave a magic wand and in the next ten minutes, your platform could have a premium perks program that increased the prosperity, wellbeing, and joy of your audience? It would enable you to reward your users with a diverse array of promotions from brands that promote human and planetary wellbeing at no cost. How would this affect the way your users view your brand and service? If it sounds tempting it’s because we were once in your shoes, and we designed Gladous to be the easiest decision you ever had to make. 

Help your audience thrive. Watch your platform flourish. 

With Gladous, you can offer your users tailored discounts and rewards that align with their personal, financial, and environmental lifestyle goals. Our widget takes 10 minutes to install, allowing you to start benefiting from increased user engagement right away.

As your users get used to seeing brands that make them feel good like Headspace, Patagonia, and Daily Harvest, they will naturally come to associate those feelings with you rewarding you with better engagement and performance across all the metrics that matter, and a loyal community that advocates for your platform, bringing in new users organically. Gladous helps you focus on your mission while providing exceptional value-add that stands out in a crowded market.

Transform your platform today at no cost, and let us help you create an experience where users feel amazing, appreciated, and eager to return.

The best way to love your people.